Prof. Petja Houdjakov and his

Bolschoi Don Cossacks

Private and company festivities

From 3 persons onwards

Concerts in church

9 to 16 persons

Concert halls

From 26 person including dancers


It goes without saying that the repertoire is adapted to the environment. Concerts in church are dominated by sacral music. On concert and festival stages the program will be extended by cheerful folk songs and dances. The Bolschoi Don Cossacks are so versatile that they can sing from classical concerts (Bolschoi Don Kosaken – einmal anders) to light music (ensemble Scharada). On top of it they often perform with other choirs and orchestras (e.g. Wiener Sängerknaben, police choirs, etc) our repertoire is continuously completed and renewed, but of course well-known and popular songs like “Abendglocke”, “ Wolga, Wolga” and “Kalinka” will not be skipped: on the contrary they will be performed in the original style but giving the soloist the possibility to put his personal note in it.