Prof. Petja Houdjakov and his

Bolschoi Don Cossacks

40 years under the directorship of Prof. Petja Houdjakov

The famous choir of the Bolschoi Don Cossacks, directed by Prof. Petja Houdjakov, is the only one, which is composed of exclusively Opera soloists. In the earlier 1980ies, when Serge Jaroff became ill, Petja Houdjakov engaged a few members of the choir of the Don Cossacks (Wanja Hlipka, Sadko Krastev, Bogumil Manov, Michael Minsky and founded a new choir. In order to distinguish the new ensemble from a couple of small, often amateurish groups, this new choir was called "bolschoi" (big). With "bolschoi", not only the choir with up to 60 artists was meant, but "bolschoi" are also the voices, the dancers and the musicians.

Current Concerts

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