Prof. Petja Houdjakov and his

Bolschoi Don Cossacks

The Bolschoi Don Cossacks different than usual

The soloists and the choir are singing classical arias from musicals, operas and operettas. They are being accompanied either by a piano or an orchestra.


Is a professional group – music – dance – vocals. The ensemble is so versatile that it calls itself a mystery. The artists present everything from gipsy music to pop songs, evergreens up to compositions of their own. To this music they dance the proper style, such as ballet, folkloric or tap dance. You feel how they enjoy presenting this diversified program.

The Slavic Tenors

Lubomir Diakovski, Konstantin Yankov, Grigori Palishschuk

The three tenors with their powerful voices, soloists of the choir of Bolschoi Don Cossacks Petja Houdjakov, Lubomir Diakovski, Konstantin Iankov and Grigori Palishschuk, are called the Slavic tenors. They bewitch the audience with their wonderful voices. They are accompanied on the piano by Rossitza Diakovski. Valerie Houdjakov moderates the concerts. Their repertoire includes old Russian folk songs like “Kalinka,” “ Black eyes,” or the “Wolga” song, but also highlights of our culture like “Panis Angelicus,” or an” Ave Maria,” “La donna è mobile” and even old songs like “Dein ist mein ganzes Herz” and “o sole mio.”


Lubomir Diakovski graduated at the faculty for canto at the academy for music in Sofia and meanwhile has performed on all stages in Bulgaria. He is also famous for his solo voice performing in more than 30 masses, oratorios and requiems, which amongst other he is singing with the Wiener Sängerknaben. Up to now he performed in more than 3000 concerts on prestigious stages worldwide.


Grigori Palishschuk was born in Minsk 1959. Already as a child his artistic talent became obvious. He graduated in Belcanto and today he is a sought-after opera singer. He also is a very successful and celebrated singer of pop and light music. Furthermore he is a demanded educator at the Academy for Music In Minsk.


Konstantin Yankov is one of the best known lyric-dramatic tenor in Bulgaria. Already at the age of 25 he performed at the State Opera of Sofia. Since then he is a demanded soloist there. He sang together with the most famous opera stars of the world. He is prizewinner of various competitions. His repertoire consists of opera and concert pieces of Russian, German and Italian composers and as a soloist of the Bolschoi Don Kosaken he travelled the whole of Europe.


The pianist Rossitsa Diakovska accompanies the songs with competence and a lot of emotion. The moderator Valerie Houdjakov, an organizer of concerts is a very well-known figure of the Eastern music scene. She is a pianist herself and a singer and enriches the concerts with her announcements.


A choir à capella which dedicates itself to the original interpretation of the chants of the Russian orthodox church.

Vocal Ballet Rasputin

The subject of this extraordinary piece of music is the mysterious figure of Rasputin. It combines ballet and vocal: a vocal ballet. It is the history of the farmer’s son from Siberia who succeeded by an excessive life and a mystic healing power to become, although an illiterate one of the most influential man at the court of the Czar in St. Petersburg. The successful premiere was on 30th and 31st October 2004 in St. Petersburg. The Star of the world of Ballet Farukh Ruzimatov danced the leading part of Rasputin. The music was composed by Vladimir Kacesov. Choreography by Georgi Kovtun. The idea came from Petja Houdjakov and Nikolai Anochin. This vocal ballet is performed by 25 to 30 dancers and top soloists of the new imperial Russian ballet directed by Valery Anucin. The Choir and the soloists of the Bolschoi Don Kosaken are singing. The music played by a symphonic orchestra is either live or play back.